No charges laid by police regarding the AWU Workplace Reform Association. Wonder why?

WA Police have not charged Ralph over anything to do with setting up the AWU WRA.

They say he's been charged over the entire $400K Thiess "misappropriation".

But the AWU WRA doesn't feature in clearing the crime up.

Ralph's  been charged with tricking Thiess into paying money 31 separate times.

The 31 separate occasions aren't linked.  Each charge relates to a single invoice Ralph (and only Ralph apparently) had a hand in raising.

There is no co-offender.  

Ralph's alleged 31 offences are each a separate and complete crime involving 31 separate deceptions on Thiess.

You'd reckon Thiess might've been a wake-up to Ralph's criminal master-mindedness.  But no - Ralph and Ralph alone tricked Thiess into believing training was going on.  

Police allege Thiess was deceived into paying for training for several months before any staff were available to be trained.  Ralph put one over on them when there was no staff at the site, no activity, no training facilities and only the invoices to suggest anything was going on.  Thiess gave the money to the slush fund - but according to police, only because Blewitt deceived Thiess by false invoices (or maybe they'll produce evidence of hypnosis).

And the master magician tricked Thiess into believing that training was taking place for 8 months after the channel was flooded.  Several metres beneath sea level.  After the project was shut down, the books were closed and the fat lady had belted out her last tune.

Nick Jukes and Joe Trio could win big in two ways out of the police protecting them from charges.  First up they walk from their complicity in the secret commission payments.  Second they could sue police for defamation for suggesting they were so brain dead as to be genuinely deceived by sham invoices.  

In its media statement yesterday, WA Police said: 

"Major fraud squad detectives have charged a 71-year-old man with 31 counts of fraud.

“The charges relate to the misappropriation of more than $400,000,” a statement said.

“It will be alleged the offences occurred between April 1992 and December 1994. The man, who currently resides in Malaysia, has been granted bail.”

That clears up the AWU scandal in their opinion.  $400,000 was misappropriated.  How?  Well on 31 separate occassions Thiess was deceived, defrauded - and those offences are now cleared up with one offender charged.

Each of the 31 charges alleges that Ralph Blewitt, by causing a false invoice to be raised, deceived Thiess into suffering a detriment financially.

Police allege Ralph misappropriated the $400,000 - not through the creation of the AWU WRA Inc - but by the false invoices and only the false invoices raised and paid each month.

There will be many, many posts from me about this miscarriage of justice.

The creation of the AWU WRA Inc is apparently not relevant to the fantasy-land deception on Thiess police will waste a court's times with.

The AWU WRA wasn't an element in the frauds.  Just the invoices.   And, police allege, it was Ralph who asked the secretary to type up the invoices.

Bruce Wilson has sworn two lengthy statements for the Royal Commission.

In his first statement Wilson talks about his reasons for incorporating the AWU Workplace Reform Association.

Commencing at paragraph 109 he talks about a meeting with Thiess executives and Bill Ludwig in Sydney to discuss setting up a legal entity.   He is quite specific and firm in that the entity was established in order to receive monies from Thiess.

Some further discussion ensued around the table about funding for training projects that would be available on the Dawesville Channel project. I raised that the funding for such training should be kept totally separate from the funds of the AWU. There was some discussion about how that might be done, and someone suggested creating a separate legal entity that could run the training and to which the funding could be provided. If that could be done, we discussed that there could be no confusion that the funds for the training would be completely separate from AWU funds.

It was my strong position that there was no way that I would be raising these funds and allowing the national office to make any claim on them. The separate legal entity would be the vehicle that would propel the concept of the NCB, and funds received by the entity could be used to support the NCB concept through supporting candidates in the election and paying for various associated expenses.

 A general concept of a separate legal entity was further discussed, and there was support for this idea. I recall that when the meeting finished LUDWIG said words to the effect ''That sounds alright to me, I'm happy with that. I'll leave the rest to you blokes to sort it out."  I considered that LUDWIG and ALBRECHT had given their 'blessing' to the arrangement. I believed that this constituted the basis of an agreement between the THIESS representatives and myself.

It was agreed that whatever arrangement was finalised in terms of funding to the entity, it would be effective from the nominated start date of the DCP to the nominated completion date of the project. Then there was general chit-chat and LUDWIG and I left together as we were staying at the same hotel.

He talks about an entity whose purpose was to receive funds from Thiess.   That statement is not benign from his lawyer's perspective.   It clearly contemplates some planning about the processes Thiess required to pay out money.  The entity that Wilson wants to create must be able to "receive the funds" - that is it will have to raise invoices in its own right and negotiate the money through a bank account.   Bruce Wilson Consulting wouldn't cut it for Thiess's auditors - likewise a hand-written invoice in a book from a newsagent with a bank account associated with it.   For Thiess managers to pay out $300,000 and stay on the right side of their auditors, Thiess would require invoices raised by some legal entity (if not the AWU itself).   In Wilson's own words, that was the reason for the creation of the AWU WRA Incorporated.   In that context, the necessity for the AWU's name in the title becomes a little clearer.

In order for Wilson to achieve his stated aim one presumes that he gave those instructions to his lawyer.   It is very difficult to reconcile Wilson's evidence - and the documents associated with the AWU WRA Inc - with the version of events that Ms Gillard now gives.

Recall that in the paragraphs above Wilson said,  "It was my strong position" that the funds he proposed to receive from Thiess had to be in a legally protected separate entity from the AWU.   In view of that "strong position" what is the likelihood that he gave instructions to his lawyer that the entity was simply a re-election account that could be called anything and structured in any way?   Every action in the incorporation is consistent with the truth and with Wilson's evidence - that the AWU WRA Inc was created so as to invoice and receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from Thiess in a way that would satisfy Thiess's internal processes.

Wilson's next paragraph, flowing directly from the evidence above is going to be difficult to reconcile with Ms Gillard's explanation for her innocent, unknowing involvement in incorporating the entity.   Wilson says:

I did some research to inform myself about how to go about setting up a legal entity to receive the monies from the DCP (the Dawesville Channel Project). I may have asked someone like my accountants, or Stephen BOOTH or Julia GILLARD. I got as much information as I could about how to go about it from various sources. After informing myself I believed that the entity should be an incorporated association.

Wilson is explicit.   His evidence is sworn and it makes sense.  In his own words his reason for setting up the legal entity was "to receive the monies from the Dawesville Channel Project".    He goes on to say that he sought advice as to how he could achieve that end - he nominates Ms Gillard as someone he may have spoken to about it.   In any case, we know that Gillard did the work in establishing the AWU WRA Inc.  

Wilson doesn't say he sought advice about setting up a slush fund for an election.   He says he asked Gillard or Stephen Booth for advice about how to set up a legal entity to receive money from Thiess.   Nothing about planning for problems where members of the "team" who leave some time in the future might argue about who owned what money.  

If Gillard acted innocently, the precision with which her actions align with Wilson's stated aim beggars belief.   The only explanation that makes sense is the truth.

Triggs to give annual Bob Brown Foundation speech - why no Dyson Heydon treatment?

The President of the Human Rights Commission should be demonstrably non-partisan.

It was a crime against humanity when Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon accepted an invitation to speak at a Liberal Party linked dinner.

Why is it different for Triggs?  She's sitting in judgement on others.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 5.30.32 am

7th Hobart Oration - Prof Gillian Triggs

Thursday, March 30, 2017 at 07:00 PM


Don't miss this unique opportunity to hear from Australia's human rights champion, Professor Gillian Triggs, President of the Human Rights Commission.

Professor Triggs has one Hobart appearance only, delivering the 7th Hobart Oration.  The title of her address is

Fighting for our rights – a ‘fair go Australia’

"...a brave, inspiring and resilient champion of human rights. Gillian Triggs has defied the cruel political tide of modern Australian politics." Bob Brown 

Tickets $50 / $25 

March 30, 2017 at 7pm - 9pm
Hobart Town Hall
50 Macquarie St
Hobart, Tasmania 7000
Google map and directions

How many tickets would you like?

Mrs Ruby Blewitt could do with a hand next Wednesday - apply here

Ralph and ruby

May I please ask a favour?

For 5 years now Ralph's wife Ruby Blewitt has watched and listened to a man she's known as a whistleblower.

She's watched him try to do the right thing by volunteering to tell all that he knows about the AWU Scandal.

She's seen him attacked by a sitting prime minister who used the office of PM in an official media conference to stick it to Ralph.

She's seen unconscionable defamatory reports published by a double-standard media (Mark Riley in particular) happy to stick it to Ralph by reporting unconfirmed hearsay about him but incurious and defensive of his co conspirator Gillard.

Ruby's proud of her man and what he is now.

Ruby was there at the family home in Malaysia while Ralph appeared before the Royal Commission - and when he came to Australia almost 5 years ago to make statements for Victoria Police.

Now she's in Australia, scarcely able to believe what's happening, let alone understand why.

She is in a state of shock to see that her husband - and only her husband - has been arrested, charged and bailed to appear in an Australian court next week to answer 31 charges that state it was he who was responsible for the AWU WRA crimes.  The charges against him tell a tale in which it was Ralph and only Ralph who deceived Thiess into paying $400,000.

Ruby is used to supporting Ralph.  Now it's Ruby who needs a hand.

Late last night Ralph sent me this message

Mate l have a special request..Ruby is seriously stressed about the court appearance next Wednesday. She will not allow me to go on my own she wants to be beside me. But she is scared about the attention she will get as my wife and the media harassing her.

Do you think someone on your blog would be willing to meet us at the court and take care of Ruby. She said she needs someone to hold her hand while l am there. Please if you can help her thanks Michael. 

I just need to know she'll be OK.

I exchanged a few more messages with Ralph - he closed with this:

I'm OK and was handling it without emotion until Ruby told me about her fear at the court next week.
That's upset me more than anything.

Ralph I can only imagine how foreign this must be for Ruby.  A foreign legal system, unexpected and unpredictable events like your arrest - and a very different legal battle to fight from the one Ruby thought she'd be watching.

I'd be very pleased to hear from anyone in Perth who'd care to lend a hand of support to Ruby, particularly next Wednesday morning at the Magistrates' Court.

And just for the record, prior to flying to Perth at his own expense to "meet" with police, Ralph Blewitt sent a detailed email to detectives setting out his position on what he described as a conspiracy with Wilson/Gillard/Ludwig/Jukes and Trio over the secret commissions Thiess paid to the slush fund.

Ralph's position on the conspiracy is not at all unreasonable - in fact it is the very position WA Police held after its initial and failed investigation into the AWU Scandal:


Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 5.20.52 am

Ralph advised he would resist any charges that singled him out - and that his offer to return of his own volition and at his own expense was to explain who did what in the conspiracy of which he was a part.

He also asked these specific questions in an email:

I have recently become insulin dependent in the management of chronic Diabetes Type 2.

My wife and carer Ruby and I are adjusting to managing daily insulin injections and I have to be a little more prudent in managing my movements with a lot more pre-planning.

May I ask a few questions about my attendance at your offices “to deal with the matter”?

Will I be under arrest?

Will I be under caution?

Do police anticipate charging me with any offence(s)?

If so what offences?

If so will I be bailed, remanded or summonsed to appear in court?

Will I be permitted to leave Australia and return to my home in Malaysia after the meeting with you “to deal with the matter”? (my wife and carer Ruby does not yet have a long term visa to remain in Australia).

It strikes me as bloody lousy that the reply Ralph received was this:


Thank you for your email. As we have arranged for you to attend our office to discuss the matter we will not be entering into discussions about the below points in fairness to yourself and the investigation. The questions you ask will be discussed with you at that time, I do not intend discussing these via email.

If there is anything we can do to assist in managing your diabetes while you are with us, please let us know.



XXXXX | Detective Sergeant XXXX | Major Fraud Squad | Serious and Organised Crime Division | Western Australia Police | 233 Adelaide Terrace Perth, Western Australia 6000 | Ph [08] 9220 0700 | 

After 5 years of investigation, charging Ralph with 31 false invoicing offences to clear up the AWU Scandal is like charging a Mafia Godfather's book keeper with false accounting.  It might make someone smile - but it doesn't get to the heart of the offences.

Ralph has tried to do the right thing and Ruby has been there supporting him all the way.  We can't make authorities do the right thing by Ralph - but we sure can do the right thing by Ruby!

Vale the late Wing Commander Hedley Thomas AM MID (RL) - 9SQN RAAF SVN and Middle East

I've just received a note from a reader to let us know that Wing Commander Hedley Thomas AM, MID (retired) has died.

Wing Commander Thomas was a fighter pilot & helicopter pilot who served with distinction with 9SQN RAAF in Vietnam.

He's the father of Newscorp investigative journalist Hedley.

This notice was published in the Canberra Times obituaries today.


THOMAS, Hedley Robert AM
RAAF Wing Commander (Retired)

24 January 1940 – 14 March 2017

Dearly loved husband of Donna.

Loved and respected father, father-in-law and stepfather of Peta (Greece), Hedley and Ruth (Brisbane),
Rebecca and Brett (Gold Coast),
Kate and Paul (Sydney) and
Cameron (Melbourne).

Much loved grandfather of Candice, Ben, Georgia, Alexander, Alexandra, Sarah, James, Olivia and Mia.

Loved brother and uncle of Judith (NSW) and Claudia (Gold Coast).

To celebrate his accomplished and wonderful life, Rebecca and
Brett Frizelle will host a private function for his family and friends.


Wing Commander Thomas was a great supporter of this website.

I'd often receive a note or a call from Hedley Jr when we published something of interest to his dad - I remember one video we published with some rare footage of helicopters in operations in Vietnam - Wing Commander Thomas passed on such a lovely message and wanted to make sure all his mates got to see the video too.

When the Mona Shindy scandal erupted Wing Commander Thomas went to press:

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 3.30.57 pm

Our condolences to the Thomas family and to Hedley, Ruth and the children in particular.

Lest We Forget.

Ralph Blewitt has been charged with fraud on each of 31 invoices to Thiess in AWU Scandal

Almost 5 years since he first came forward to assist police in the AWU Scandal, Ralph Blewitt was today charged by WA Police with 31 counts of causing detriment to a person by deception - more commonly known as fraud.

He has been bailed on his own undertaking to appear in the Perth Magistrates' Court next Wednesday morning.

He has not been served with a police brief of evidence, nor has he had the particulars of the offences police allege against him explained.

The WA Police describe the charge of fraud on their website

What is fraud?

Fraud is broadly defined as any person who, with intent to defraud, by deceit or any fraudulent means so as to gain a benefit directly or for another person, or cause detriment to any person or organisation directly or indirectly.

This may include;

  • Obtaining property or persuade any person to deliver property to another.
  • Gain a benefit or cause a loss, (financial or otherwise to another person).
  • To induce any person to withhold from acting lawfully or undertake any act that the person is lawfully entitled to withhold from doing.

Note: The term person, or any word or expression descriptive of a person includes a public body, company, or association or body of persons, corporate or unincorporated.


As I understand it, police allege that Thiess was deceived by each of the 31 false invoices used to transmit the secret commission payments from Thiess to the Ludwig/Wilson/Gillard/Blewitt slush fund. 

I predict that charges of deception on Thiess will fail because Thiess knew exactly what it was paying for, there was no deception, there were secret commissions. Let's see what a court thinks.

Ralph Blewitt urgently needs a lawyer - if you know someone interested in taking Ralph on as a client I will be happy to pass on his details but I can't and won't act as an intermediary, the relationship must be solely with Ralph.

Major Peter Badcoe VC - 50 years since his feats of soldiering and leadership became legend

It's 50 years since this quiet, bookish bloke showed us all what leadership, guts and a dedication to looking after others really mean.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 10.06.58 am

Never judge a book by its cover!
Peter Badcoe didn't drink grog, didn't smoke and didn't raise hell on leave.
Not the typical Aussie Digger of the day, he was quiet and bookish preferring to read and discuss military history than play mess rugby. He was short and chubby with horn-rimmed glasses - more geek than grunt, but my God, underestimate him at your peril as the enemy discovered.
In 1966 after 16 years in the Army and at the age of 32, Major Peter Badcoe joined the Australian Army Training Team - Vietnam and was the Australian advisor to the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) in Thua Thien province near the border with North Vietnam, far removed from the Australian AO in Phouc Tuy province near Saigon.
On February 23 1967, he monitored a radio transmission stating that a US Army Officer advising a platoon of South Vietnamese Popular Forces had been killed during a contact, his body lying in front of a troublesome enemy machine gun post, and a US Army medical officer severely wounded. Sprinting across 650 metres of open ground, swept by machine gun fire, he married up with the besieged troops, tended the wounds of the medical officer, rallied the friendly forces, then led a frontal attack on the enemy inflicting heavy casualties and neutralising the machine gun post himself.
He picked up the body of the dead US officer and still under fire, led the troops on a fighting withdrawal over the 650 metres of open ground.
Two weeks later whilst commanding the Ready Reaction Company of the province, he led a series of assaults which saved the besieged district headquarters of Quang Dien and its defenders, routing the enemy and forcing them to flee.
A month later, working with the ARVN 1st Division Reaction company and some APCs, the company came under heavy attack and withdrew to cover, abandoning Badcoe and his signaller. He ran back to the South Vietnamese troops, rallied them and spurred them to advance. They halted again, but Badcoe continued forward.
A stubborn machine gun post attracted his attention and he started lobbing grenades at it in an attempt to silence it. As he rose to throw another grenade, he was cut down by enemy fire.
For his service to his country and for these three individual acts of bravery, this unlikely hero from South Australia was awarded Australia’s highest honour… the Victoria Cross.
His medals were purchased by Kerry Stokes and are on display at the Australian War Memorial. Badcoe Hall at Royal Military College - Duntroon is named in his honour.
UK Victoria Cross ribbon bar.svg Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75 ribbon.png Vietnam Medal BAR.svg Australian Defence Medal (Australia) ribbon.png
Bronze oak leaf cluster
Silver star
Gold star
RVN Wound Medal ribbon.png

Some of Peter Badcoe's medals
UK Victoria Cross ribbon bar.svg Victoria Cross[2][7][8]
Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75 ribbon.png Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975 (with Vietnam clasp)[8]
Vietnam Medal BAR.svg Vietnam Medal[8]
Australian Defence Medal (Australia) ribbon.png Australian Defence Medal[8]
Bronze oak leaf cluster
U.S. Silver Star (with oakleaf cluster)[2][8]
Purple Heart ribbon.svg U.S. Purple Heart[8]
Air Medal ribbon.svg U.S. Air Medal[8]
VPD National Order of Vietnam - Knight BAR.png Knight of the National Order of Vietnam[2]
Silver star
Gold star
South Vietnam Gallantry Cross (with palm, gold star and silver star)[2][8]
RVN Wound Medal ribbon.png South Vietnam Wound Medal[8]
Vietnam Campaign Medal ribbon with 60- clasp.svg South Vietnam Campaign Medal (with 1960 clasp)[8]
Vietnam Armed Forces Honor Medal Ribbon.png South Vietnam Armed Forces Honour Medal, 1st Class[2]
This man embodies the ethos of the pre-Morrison Australian Army.
Leaders who put their men and others first.
Officers who fought hard and at the front line.
Duty and service before self.
Lest We Forget.


ACTU chief Sally McManus wants big boob ban - looking good is a symbol of ♂ oppressing ♀

IN 2010 the new Australian ACTU Chief Sally McManus laid out her personal manifesto in Erskineville Town Hall (sisters).

Big boobs - banned!

Plastic surgery - banned.

Diets - banned.

Anything to make women look better IN THE EYES OF MEN - BANNED!

You may laugh (not if it pleases men) - no you can't, that's BANNED too.

So rise up (no don't, has male overtones, sorry for inadvertent oppression).


John Setka (60+ charges in criminal history) asks if you want him in charge of what laws to break

It's important you can explain to your friends why Gillard is facing charges over the AWU scandal

Gillard will soon face court over her perjury to the Trade Union Royal Commission.

When she does, it's important that you can explain why she's being charged.

The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions can jump in and put a stop to a private prosecution at any time.

Fair enough too, it's an understandable safeguard.

Charges have to stack up with a professional and complete brief and compelling evidence of a serious enough offence.

But the CDPP looks beyond the criminal case and the evidence.

One of the factors the DPP will be considering as to whether or not to jump in and shut down the GILLARD prosecution is whether:

  1. (c)  to proceed with the prosecution would be contrary to the public interest - law enforcement is necessarily a discretionary process, and sometimes it is appropriate for subjective considerations of public policy,such as the preservation of order or the maintenance of international relations,to take precedence over strict law enforcement considerations;

That's where you come in.

We don't need a torches burning, pitchfork wielding mob.  We are not like that.  But we do need to be active.  And we need public support.

We need to be considered, fully conversant with the facts - but more importantly able to explain to our friends why it is in the public interest that these charges are laid and prosecuted.

Australians are fair minded people.  We give others a fair go.  It's a big ask to get a normal Aussie with a normal life to jump over the hurdle of agreeing to pull a former politician in to answer for 20+ year old offences.  Most people (unacquainted with the facts) would just say leave it.

I say Gillard went into Dyson Heydon's royal commission carrying a forged letter purporting to be from Ray Neal, the WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner.

She knew it was a forgery.  And she used it as if it was real. She gave false evidence about the way the AWU WRA was incorporated.  She knew it was false evidence.  She was covering up the truth - which isn't that hard to discover!

Yvonne Henderson, the Minister in Carmen Lawrence's government directed that the AWU WRA Inc be incorporated.

Gillard knows that because she prepared the submission asking for a ministerial review of the commissioner's decision to refuse incorporation.  And her submission included a filing fee of $22 - made out on an AWU WRA Inc cheque!

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 1.33.03 am

But instead of "remembering" the truth, she "remembered" receiving a letter which turns out to be a forgery.  It was never sent to her.

She tried to be vague in the Royal Commission

Once again, my view about this is informed by documents.  If I hadn't seen the documents I'm not sure I would have recalled these matters, but it is evident on the documents that some inquiry was made, I presume of Mr Blewitt, about the nature of the Association and whether  or not it was a trade union and that was then referred to me.

She then goes on to give a dubious account of having no memory of "the documents" but treating them (ie the Ray Neal forgery and the memo to Blewitt) as the real deal, which triggered memories of what she "must have done" at the time.

It was over 20 years ago you see.  She's looking for wriggle room so as to avoid the perjury charge she knows she's risking.

Trouble for Ms Gillard is that line is nicely snookered by her own evidence to the Royal Commission:

Q. You have been answering questions about these issues for many years; correct?

A.   I most certainly have, Mr Stoljar.

On 29 November 2012 Ms Gillard held a public press conference and said this:

PM: I dealt with this extensively at the marathon press conference that I did in August and before I answer your question let me just go to some of the issues here about the amount that I've dealt with this on the public record. 

There has been an emerging kind of consensus amongst the media, perhaps egged on by the Opposition, that I need to give a full and frank account of these matters. Let me just remind, I first answered these matters on the public record in 1995, when they were raised by a Liberal Party minister. 

I then dealt with these matters on the public record again in 2001 when they were raised by a Liberal Party backbencher.

I dealt with these matters on the public record in 2006 when I filmed an Australian Story.

I dealt with these matters on the public record in 2007 after the shopping around of a dirt file by persons employed then in the ministerial office of the Liberal Party. 

I dealt with these matters on the public record in a marathon press conference in August, one of the longest prime ministerial press conferences ever held.

I have dealt with these matters at press conferences in Melbourne, in Brisbane.

She dealt with the WA Corporate Affairs matter in the parliament for a week.

As she says, over the years she's regularly gone on the record to explain what went on.

And she's never once "remembered" the forged letter from Ray Neal - until the Royal Commission.

In November 2012 she had McTernan produce this after the reports that said she'd done a lot more than just give advice as a lawyer:

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 1.20.46 am

And when Fairfax broke the story that Gillard's initial claim that she only provided advice on the incorporation was false - that she'd argued the case with the WA office of state corporate affairs - she wrote this little number to Greg Hywood.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 1.21.52 am Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 1.22.09 am

And to quote Kevin Rudd, "You know something?"; not once did she ever mention anywhere that she'd written back to a letter from Ray Neal offering to incorporate if the association promised to make a rule change.  Nor did she mention the memo she now says she sent to Ralph all those years ago.  Nor did she mention anywhere until the Royal Commission Ralph's purported role as the head honcho in getting the rule change up etc etc etc.

In fact, she didn't mention Ralph Blewitt at all in her explanations to Peter Gordon.

Just her and Bruce. And a note from the regulator that said the entity was ineligible for incorporation.  In answer to which she made a submission arguing the case for incorporation.  And sent a $22 cheque made out to the corporate affairs people.  And 2 men from the WA office of state corporate affairs who say the decision to incorporate was made by the minister.  And that the letter Gillard used in her false evidence is a forgery.

So get ready for lots more detail.  Share it with your friends.  Let's get Ray Neal and his offsider Ralph Mineif cleared of the implicit defamatory imputations in Gillard's forgery.

And let's all make a stand for the truth!